Business Enterprise:Innoscent Agarbatti

    All the perfumes of Arabia cannot beat          our INNOSCENT
Innoscent offers  natural and highly aromatic inscense sticks that refreshes  the abode of peace and  harmony.
Innoscent  is the outcome of our prolonged research on the market possibilities and availability of resources , that would enable a child  to embark on a  business venture with limited resources.
Our clients are the parents and the immediate community ,for whom agarbatti is an unavoidable thing. Innoscent being GOOD,STRONG,THICK,STUPEFYING INCENSE, offers 24 hrs of unbeatable fragrance. Though we launch our product in a highly competitve market of branded products,we would like to see a gradual increase in our customers. Our marketing strategy includes affordable prices,setting up stalls in the school, at railway station,  door to door sales etc.
To bring novelty to the business endeavour, our children  have decided to raise the initial capital by making paper pens. With the profit they achieve , they would make their initial leap onto the world of business.
TEACH A MAN TO FISH  will definitely help in inculcating values  like dignity of labour, hard work, co-operation, self-reliance, inter-personal skill, marketing techniques and much more at this tender age.  This opportunity will help in moulding promising  corporates in future.

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