INNOSCENT— INCENSE STICKS   



                   The excitement of participating in the School Business Enterprise Programme had all the dimensions of an ocean.

                     We are unaware of the ends and the beginning. I just found ourselves tossed and lashed by the waves. While navigating across the project of making incense sticks we met a lot of budding entrepreneurs, social worker, community helpers all of them who were willing to share their knowledge and provide tips for succeeding. But we also met with considerable oppositions from parents and the immediate community. They believed that the students of the school were weaved away from the actual purpose of education in their classrooms. It is to the credit of all staff members of the school that they convinced the parents and community members of the objectives of the programme and the outcome expected. With the members of the workshop and training programmes for parents and the community members the mood is now calm and receptive to the idea of developing a community workshop center with the profits earned from the Business Enterprise.

                     Our students and teachers have benefited immensely to learn of the research and development aspect of making the incense sticks and the vagaries of a business enterprise.

Jayashree Raveendran


  1. A novel thought project for school children. The project will not only ensure students learn about manufacturing , sales and handling of finance at a very tender age. It will also teach them team spirit and co-operation which is very much the need of the hour.

    Congratulations to the Vidyadhiraja Team . May the project see its height of glory soon.

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