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We received the ISA Award  on 19 November 2012. Our beloved Principal Mrs JayasreeRaveendran andour Honourable  President Mr KNS Nair received the Award from BCL. 530442_479496928755777_646071796_n

A Bird’s eye view of INNOSCENT

Innoscent is an educational voyage for us through which we gained innumerable learning experiences. We feel privileged to be a part of this incomparable challenge. The profit we have amassed so far will be handed over to the community welfare center on the school ANNUAL DAY on 3,JANUARY 2013 . They will utilize it to buy the Incense stick Manufacturing machine to develop our challenge  to a real-time business with an aim to  help a multitude of underprivileged community. We will keep updating the progress of our enterprise via blog.


  • My child studies in VHS. I bought dozens of agarbatti and sold them at a higher price.With the profit earned I paid the school fees of a poor child.100_2551 Of all the incense I have tried, I find that innoscent is my favorite.It seems to keep me in much more centered place, I                                                                           use them daily.2012-10-19 21.53.13

 Every time I light an innoscenct, the smoke seems to  blend and disappear quickly.


           I have purchased 110 packets to spread the innocent aroma of innoscent sticks to the world out.



           I have purchased 100 packets to give it to my relatives during my daughter’s wedding celebrations.


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