It is enchanting to be back at the enterprise challenge. The heightened glory of our school winning ‘ THE PEOPLE PRIZE’ at the 2012 school enterprise challenge hasn’t  yet seeped in completely.


The prize money and the subsequent visit to Paraguay was an eye –opener. I got to see how the agricultural studies and hospitality in the host school functioned on the principles of learn and earn together. In our  school we provide a platform for community service by training parents in making incense sticks  so that they can educate their  children without being a burden on the household account. We have implemented the concept of spare a little time to serve the community and get our child educated. More and more parents are joining hands with us to make this effort a reform.


Rejuvenated now, after a gap of one year, we are back in action. Though a hectic churning of ideas for the developing the enterprise provided amazing answers, a brilliant idea of NAPERY was selected and thus came forth from all quarters the advantages and disadvantages of having napery as an enterprise. What stood out distinctly is the Indianness of the enterprise.



2014-10-04 11.09.08




The napery is a versatile product. It is a decorative covering for the tables, trays, equipments at home aned is usable by all sections of the society. The Indian art of gifting can be accentuated using napery on the tray. It is a common practice to offer the lord with incense, coconut, lamp with oil, sweets and flowers. All these acquire a greater tint when placed on the napery in a tray. Incidentally perfumed incense sticks is another of our enterprise product. Nothing is more pleasurable however than lifting the napery on a food tray to reveal the delicacies placed underneath it during festivities at home.

2014-11-01 16.28.362014-11-01 16.28.36

It is thus our venture to introduce napery using wool to the market scene.

I had my share of doubt whether children of std VIII could handle the wool and the frame , required for making the napery,with their nimble fingers and once again was amazed to find a splurge of creativity and elegance in their work.

I  am sure that concept of napery will rock here in India and in the world, meanwhile  developing  entrepreneurial skills in our students.




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