It sounded as a fairy  tale when I first heard that we had to do business around two years back.” What business do we do??” I exclaimed to my class teacher. Astounded along with my friends, I came to know regarding the BUSINESS ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE. I was further told by my teacher that we had to make paper pens and we had to sell it. CHILDREN RUNNING BUSINESS- that too – PAPER PENS, ”Pens made out of paper?!Are we not crazy???”- these words were about to jump out of my mouth. But I thought that it was better to be silent and further hear the fairy tale.  (!!!)

Going to the computer class near my classroom, I was amazed to see my teacher making paper pens. I thought it as an unwanted work at first but I consoled my mind telling that I would have to do it. From that day onwards I along with my friends spent half of the day making paper pens. My duty was to roll the refills with paper tightly. My fingers would pain a lot while rolling the paper pens… My fingers would get sticky too, while applying the gum. But when I got exposed to the work day by day, I started finding the work assigned very interesting. I found myself keen in making paper pens. I was happy that I got a wonderful chance to know the different aspects of business (as well as a chance to bunk classes and lectures that used to be boring at times!).


 united we stand

We missed many of the P.T lectures but I concluded “we can enjoy the P.T lectures at any time. But works like this may not come always.” We made a huge lot of paper pens , sold them and accrued capital for our real business incense sticks.



Initially, I didn’t find making incense sticks as enjoyable as making paper pens. I considered it as a substandard job. But then I realized I was absolutely wrong. Incense sticks are and will be an inevitable part of Indian rituals. From the Magi’s gift to infant Jesus till the verandah of each and every home, incense sticks are of due purpose.

2014-08-23 08.56.10

I was not a part of the production work of incense sticks but I was a part of the promotion team. I along with my friends made posters for the incense sticks. We gave it a sweet name  INNOCENT INCENSE STICKS. Really the name was suitable for our hand-made incense sticks.


Thus, thinking greatly about our work, I was hit with good news that our school was going to start its own blog! I was overjoyed that my school had placed its legs in the next level. The teacher asked us to submit articles and other written works so that it could be displayed in the blog. I wrote a poem on incense sticks. After some days, when I visited the blog, I was thrilled to see that our poems and articles received the best platform amidst others. Our success didn’t end here. We won the first prize for our blog!

In a short while, we made up Rs. 20,000 profit by selling our incense sticks! Soon we bought an incense making machine so that we could make incense sticks at a faster pace and with the idea that we would teach the community how to make incense sticks. The main objective was to train women from the immediate community to make incense sticks and would become self-reliant, thereby they would lend a helping hand in the management of their families.

2014-06-06 12.27.41

Finally the d-day came when our hard work got its recognition that we were the winners of the People’s prize.

We were so happy that our happiness knew no bounds. I now can clearly say at this moment that my school is the only school which imparts knowledge in the form of learning as well as in the form of opportunities especially to each and every individual child. MY SCHOOL MAY BE SMALL IF SEEN ON THE BASIS OF BRICKS AND WALLS; BUT IT’S VAST LIKE THE MIGHTY SEA AND THE INFINITE SKY IN GIVING OPPORTUNITIES TO EACH AND EVERYONE EQUALLY. Small opportunities are the beginning of great ENTERPRISES as told by Demosthenes, the small opportunities provided by the school facilitate us in building up big ENTERPRISES in our life.

2013-04-10 10.47.44


Further to add golden tinge to our success our Principal got a chance to visit Paraguay and spread the beautiful aroma of our incense and our paper pens.




Even now when I see the People’s prize kept untouched in the shelf near my Principal’s desk, I can visualize how unitedly we worked for making paper pens and incense sticks, how proudly we sold it and how happy I feel reliving the past by writing this article .If anyone ever ask me in what way has this business enterprise benefitted you, and then I will tell that it has offered me the sense to look life with a new outlook and has gifted me with multiple skills…

Now through the windows of my classroom, when I see my juniors making incense sticks and napery , somewhere in my mind I  have a  lost feeling no not lost !!!! To put it in a finer sense I feel some sort of “TROUBLED PLEASURE……”, because I am no longer a part of our enterprise….








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