Entrepreneurship week – day 2 and day 3

Success is NOT an overnight thing. Perseverance, vision, commitment and flexibility are commonalities  we see in successful people today. All of them have sought wisdom and knowledge and share theirs with others to pay it forward.

Embarking on communication with others and maintaining healthy communication are  the real challenges in making a successful business.Our second and third day of the ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEEK was dedicated to connect with the women of the immediate community and other schools. We arranged a training session for the women in our school premises on making napery.


Our purpose was fruitful because many showed interest in learning our new product. Besides we  visited two of our neighbouring schools to spread the message of entrepreneurship programs and to train them on making incense sticks and  napery.





It was a great experience for us that we realised real happiness lies in sharing our knowledge with others and space them in our journey towards the vision of  establishing a global nation which is self-sufficient in its true sense.


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The axiom is so true:  my wisdom and experience only has value if I share it to benefit others!

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