When I was given the opportunity to organize the exhibition-cum- sales at different public junctions, I was a bit confused. The first day itself wiped out my confusion as my innoscent crew got great motivation from the public. We were crowded with people to whom the crew explained the project in detail. Our mission was to spread the message to a wider public outside the frontiers but to my surprise it profited our business in such a way that we were able to make a profit of Rs. 2700 in three hours which is a lot of money

 I was even more surprised with some specific events in the succeeding days of the week. One such incident happened on the second day , a lady approached us to enquire about our business and got attracted by the work our children were doing.  She wanted to buy a napery but didn’t have money with her on cash; it was time for us to wind up. But she asked us to wait for ten minutes, meanwhile she went to the nearby ATM, took the money came back and purchased the napery. We were overwhelmed by this response and it encouraged us to go ahead. I was indeed happy when a home maker from the public came forward to be a part of our business, but after knowing about her intentions of making a huge profit with our business we turned her down because the mission of our community cell is to train the underprivileged women to make them earn for their bread and butter.

All these experiences enriched our learning and I saw a great change in the very look of the crew. They are now able to speak more confidently, sell their products very well , speak about what they are doing and even training the people spontaneously. This added market to our product. Now that the whole vicinity talks about our work. Thank you BUSINESS ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE for giving this great opportunity.






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